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"Stuff I Never Knew" is your go-to trivia game show podcast that tests your knowledge with facts you might never have encountered before. Hosted by the enthusiastic Jeff Revilla, the show welcomes three guests each week from different walks of life, who battle it out over three rounds of high stakes trivia. The trivia topics are diverse, and each round has its own unique theme, like "Who Said That? Selena Gomez or Spiderman" or "Video Games, Flags, Fast Food Founders and Name 5". The final face-off is a thrilling round where players bring their own buzzers for the ultimate trivia showdown. A cornucopia of fascinating facts and obscure knowledge, "Stuff I Never Knew" also provides a platform for players from all over the world to showcase their trivia skills. Whether you're an ardent trivia lover, a casual learner, or just someone who enjoys a fun and lively discussion, this podcast is sure to entertain, educate, and challenge you in ways you never expected. Tune in to "Stuff I Never Knew" for your weekly dose of trivia, surprises, and much more. Ready to test your knowledge against some of the best trivia minds around? Find out all the stuff you should know on this week's trivia episode!

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