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Investing in yourself is the biggest ROI to create a more Wealthy Life, Relationship & Business. We bring together the best Business Leaders, Investors, and Mind & Health Experts to learn & grow together. Join millions of growth minded listeners. ABOUT THE HOST Steven Pesavento is on a mission to help others live a better life every day, have fun, and make money. He is a serial entrepreneur, high-performance coach, and Managing Partner of VonFinch Capital. Investing full time since 2016, he’s completed over 200 transactions, renovated nearly 100 buildings and transacted $200+ millions in investment real estate. Amazing guests include: Chris Voss, Jay Papasan, Joe Fairless, Mark Manson, Jay Papasan, Kris Krohn, Brandon Turner, John Lee Dumas, Kathy Fettke, Forbes Riley and many others.

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